Every DPS student leverages technology to foster creativity, personalize learning, and surmount barriers as they explore and interact with the world.


The Educational Technology department of DPS is dedicated to ensuring student success through collaboration with all DPS educators and the community to personalize learning and use digital resources effectively, responsibly, and creatively.

Candy McGregor - Educational Technology Specialist

I care about technology in education because it opens the world to students with 24-7 information, communication and collaboration. Technology provides learners with the opportunity to personalize their learning, delve deeper into areas of interest, explore relationships outside the classroom and shape their own dreams and destiny. Additionally, technology provides teachers with avenues to individualize instruction, include parents in their child's education, and tear down the walls of their classrooms to open learning to a global community. I love to help schools and teachers with effective use of technology to refine and broaden their instructional toolbox and with designing and implementing student projects. When I'm not working, you'll find me spending time with my family, dogs, and long-arm quilter. / 720-423-1992

Peter Douglas - Educational Technology Specialist

I believe effective technology integration can expand students' ability to creatively demonstrate what they understand and connect and collaborate with others. I enjoy helping teachers learn how to leverage the many technology tools available in the district and online in order to create more joyful, rigorous and personalized classrooms. Away from work I like to watch movies, cook, play frisbee and camp with my family. / 720-423-1993

Erin Magley - Educational Technology Specialist

I believe in technology in education because it allows us to personalize learning for every student. This is what will help every child succeed as we prepare kids for the 21st Century, college, and their as yet unknown careers. I like to help teachers and schools dig into what really motivates students to learn; connecting kids with their passions engages them in their learning and leads to a depth of concept understanding that every child deserves to experience on a regular basis. At home, I keep bees, travel with my family, and enjoy our "new to us" camper! / 720-423-1990

Brian Dino - Educational Technology Specialist

I am excited about the possibilities that technology can provide to inspire, facilitate and manage student learning. I'm also always hopeful that we can use technology to make teachers and principals' jobs easier. I'm also excited how technology can showcase great teaching and learning and contribute to the continual development of effective educators. I love helping schools build digital citizenship programs. This includes delivering student and parent programs on safe, smart and savvy use of technology and media. I also like training on Google Apps for Education, student portfolios, and marketing and communication newsletters. When I'm not at work you can find me conjuring, reading, and hanging out with my family. / 720-423-1989

Matthew Woolums - Educational Technology Specialist

I work in educational technology because there is so much potential for technology to reduce or eliminate barriers, provide new opportunities, and make connections for all learners. I enjoy helping with thoughtful planning on the use of technology for teaching and learning, as well as assistance in learning new tech tools. Away from work I like to read science fiction, search for intriguing new music, and write flash fiction. When there is enough snow on the ground, you might find me skiing at Winter Park. / 720-423-1988

Kellie Riley - Educational Technology Technician

I advocate technology in education because it supports equity in our schools, leveling out the playing field for all of our students. Technology allows students to combine their passions and interests with their learning, and enables them to expand their learning outside of school walls and school hours. I enjoy helping schools by answering tech questions, filtering student email, supporting PD and trainings, administering Ed Tech products and systems, and providing miscellaneous technological wisdom. At home I cook, crochet, write, win at pub trivia, and play too many video games. / 720-423-1991