Mission & Vision

Educational Technology


Every DPS student leverages technology to foster creativity, personalize learning, and surmount barriers as they explore and interact with the world.


The Educational Technology department of DPS is dedicated to ensuring student success through collaboration with all DPS educators and the community to personalize learning and use digital resources effectively, responsibly, and creatively.


Library Services

Vision for Students

DPS Students have a joy of reading and inquiry, and the skills and knowledge to become accomplished readers and 21st century learners. 21st century learners are self-directed, collaborative, digitally literate problem solvers and communicators who think critically and creatively.

Vision for Library Programs

DPS Library programs and staff collaboratively empower school communities with the educational experiences, access to resources, knowledge and skills to build a joy of and proficiency in reading, inquiry and 21st century learning.


DPS Library Services supports the equitable development of libraries and library educators that facilitate highly effective communities of 21st century inquiry and literacy, which positively impact students' academic achievement and encourage personalized learning by...

  • Providing guidance in instruction and professional learning opportunities and that build capacity in our DPS community in the areas of inquiry, digital literacy and citizenship, digital content and tools, reading motivation, collection development and personalized learning.
  • Advocating for accessible, intellectually safe and engaging, and collaborative 21st century library learning environments rich in resources, both physical and virtual.
  • Creating equitable access to diverse, high quality physical and digital resources which align with students’ interests, abilities and curriculum.